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The geocentric world view

The geocentric view of the world is a historically very important view of the structure of the universe, which was founded by the Greek philosopher Claudius Ptolemaus (ca. 100 - ca. 170).

It was assumed that the earth was in the centre of the universe and that all planets and the sun moved in circular orbits around the earth.

With this world view, many astronomical phenomena could be explained. From the 16th century onwards - history homework help , the geocentric world view was gradually replaced by the heliocentric world view.

With the geocentric view of the world, a conception of the structure of the universe was developed that was one of the greatest achievements of ancient science.

Development of the world view

Already in ancient times, people were able to observe the movements of celestial bodies, especially the sun, moon and stars, in the sky. This led to the obvious assumption that the earth was in the centre of the world and that all celestial bodies moved around the earth - urgent essay writing service . At the same time, a number of regularities were recognised in the movements of the heavenly bodies and used to determine the dates for sowing and harvesting.

In ancient Greece, scholars tried to combine the observed facts and recognised regularities into a world view in which everything else could be derived from a few principles - do my homework . Essential to this were the views on movements in the cosmos and on earth.

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